Height 180cm
Weight 72kg
Hair color brown/silver
Eye color blue
Political information
ID# Unknown
Other information
Actor Marco Perella

Weasel is the nickname of an otherwise underground individual. His real name and background are unknown. His nickname probably stems from the weasel, whom he calls Baby, occasionally hanging on his left shoulder, or perhaps his ability to wriggle through tight spots. He is a slightly twitchy, theatrical man.

He does't accept returns or the Consortium Express Card.


He is possibly one of the second generation of Refuseniks, raised in one of their encampments and he appears to have never been registered as a WEC citizen (WEC has performed retina-scans from video images). He has been known with several names including Alvin Tarkin, Leroy Cern, Alberto Devense, Sally Horrowitz, Lyle Lepardo and Antonio Zero. None of these aliases match the names of any known refuseniks.

He has been accused for several crimes, such as treason, terrorism, kidnapping, black-marketing, conspiracy, grand larceny, petty larceny, smuggling, hijacking, gun-running, arson, assault, black- mail, extortion, fraud, barratry, organ-legging, bootlegging, pandering, felonious misrepresentation, unauthorized impersonation of a citizen, impersonation of an officer, maintaining a bawdy house, tax evasion, unlicensed ownership of a firearm, exploitation of a minor, failure to register identity.

He has extensive dealings with the Resistance as a supplier. An amoral felon, he has never betrayed a client or professional confidence. He is of truly staggering proficiency, able to mastermind high-stakes schemes in numerous fields of criminal endeavor simultaneously. He has never been known to personally kill anyone, but resorts to violence to avoid apprehension.

In 2193 he emerged as the most successful black marketeer in his region.[1]

Weasel works as a black market arms dealer in the Echo Base, and is the individual operative have to rely upon for buying new equipment between missions. One can get weapons and equipment farther along the power curve much sooner with him than in missions.

It is possible that Weasel was killed by WEC soldiers when Echo base was overrun, but unlike the others, his body is not seen at the base.


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