WEC News is a TV newscast which publishes WEC propaganda, often distorting actual events. It is hosted by Trina Jenkins and Josh Starns.

The Captain can watch the news between his missions.

  1. The Resistance firebombed an Allotment Center (actually a refinery) in Sector A-17 resulting to Citizens not having food for the following weeks.[1]
  2. The Resistance attempted to halt the production of vital medecines for the Strebor Disease (actually a prison and experiment facility). 12 rebels were killed (actually executed by Gregor Hoffman). Although the damage heavy, the work was only halted temporarily.[2]
  3. The WEC information bureau issues a press release announcing that the Senate unanimously voted in favor of Chairman Nathaniel Draygan's Zero Tolerance policy against the Resistance.[3]
  4. Chairman Draygan raises the reward for children who turn their parents in for crimes against the state from 100 to 150 credits, and additional gifts for other family members. Although many Senators considered the measure an excessive expense, the Chairman stated it would be cheaper to ferret out criminals before they commit crimes.[4]
  5. The Revenue Assessment Division estimated the world GNP raised above 74% in 2196. This would help offset the new taxes, however the citizens should not expect dividends for the following years as the WEC was occupied by the war against the Resistance.[5]
  6. The Department of Global Health and Education announces the completion of the John Enders Orbital Facility, a test laboratory for new serums against virulent diseases and quarantine fatility, advancing the welfare of Citizens everywhere.[6]
  7. The government cover up the destruction of the Chemical Weapons Manufacturing Plant by explaining that there was no mushroom cloud, but the remnants of the fireworks display after some celebration. But due to a "small accident", the base will be closed for the next two years.[7]
  8. The Resistance attacks the Farpark Data Processing Center aimed at sabotaging the Enders Orbital Facility. The facility was retaken but Senator Snell is killed during the skirmish. In reality Snell is duly executed by Draygan.[8]
  9. Kiev falls to the rebels. Possbly a pretense for the Senate to draft a proposal to increase military spending.[9]
  10. The Department of Global Communications lowers the rates for e-mail destined to Orbital Industrial Platforms to 34 credits.</ref>Crusader: No RemorseMission 12</ref>


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