Nickname Pulsar
Type Ultraviolet Rifle
Physical/technical characteristics
Weight 5.7k[1]
Range 50m[1]
Rate of fire 2/sec[1]
Energy consumption 210[1]
Other information

The UV-9 Pulsar is the single most destructive non-mounted, single-user firearm ever developed by humanity.[2][3]

Its fusion battery generates and fires a pulse of concentrated ultraviolet energy measuring c. 397 nanometers in length. This charge has an extreme incendiary effect on any substance it impacts, literally burning all the flesh and organs from an unarmored human target.[2][3][1]

The latest prototype is outfitted with a thermal imaging scope.[3]

At present, the UV-9 is still under development and field trials have been conducted by experimental heavy-weapons units but it is not standard issue for any regular WEC forces.[1][2][3] Test trials are scheduled for completion in the next few months, with full production expected to begin soon.[3] Some Enforcers carry UV-9.[4]


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