Stephon Ely
Height 190 cm
Weight 95 kg
Hair color black
Eye color black
Political information
ID# 9A-8T99-5613-XXX
Rank Colonel
Other information
Actor Alex Morris

Stephon Ely is a Colonel of the Resistance and the CO of the Echo Base. Ely is a solitary, unassuming individual on the surface. He enjoys smoking cigars and chewing their stubs in the corner of his mouth.


He gained an ROTC military commission. Immediately after college he was enlisted for active duty. He served in a Special Forces mechanized infantry battalion, first as a platoon leader, then as a staff officer, conducting an otherwise undistinguished Special Forces career. By 2189, he had reached the rank of Captain.

In that year, Captain Ely questioned his CO's orders during routine riot-control operation. He was reprimanded for this, thus shattering chances for further advancement. Six months later he left on a two-week leave and never returned.

He joined the Resistance, where he attained the post of unit commander and the rank of Major, developing a new-found aptitude for commando operations. Because of his efficiency as a guerrilla, his record remain obscure and fragmentary to WEC intelligence. He remains wanted for treason, conspiracy, murder, terrorism, arson, kidnapping, desertion and related charges.[1]

As a Colonel he became the Commanding Officer of the Echo Sector base and he's admired and respected by his troops. He is skeptical about the addition of a Silencer to his unit, but comes to trust him upon seeing the results of his missions.

In a mission he decides to replace Nicholas Cardova with Shannon Brooks but is captured by the WEC probably because security forces were tipped off about his location by the spy in the Resistance. Jo Anne Vargas is made commander of the base.[2]

Vargas tells the Captain that Ely was discovered alive in the Draygan Correctional Institution and sends him to rescue the Colonel. Actually that's where Brooks is held hostage.[3]

He is sent for detainment to the "Darkside station" on the Moon, he is later rescued by the Captain. He seems content to let Matt Shepherd take the initiative, at least at first.


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