The WEC employs several distinct varieties of special forces unit such as the Storm Troopers and the Elite Storm Troopers. Special forces troops are highly trained and motivated.

Most have been conscripted from Soldiers with exemplary service records; others have been hand-picked from promising enlistees with a history of Consortium loyalty. Candidates sign a blanket waiver agreement and give up their soldier tracking chip. They go through a weed-out period of endurance and psychological tests that ensure their continuing fidelity. Those that complete it are transferred to an isolation training center to undergo an orientation course for 6 months. The top ten finishers in each class are assigned to elite training units.[1]

Special Forces are designated to protect the most sensitive areas. The average soldier is over 30 years old and has been with the WEC for over a decade. They take great pride in wearing their SF lapel pin and show unwavering WEC support.[1] Stephon Ely served in a Special Forces mechanized infantry battalion, first as a platoon leader, then as a staff officer.[2]


Special Forces soldiers are free to choose between the RP-32 Conciliator rifle and the PA-31 laser.[1]

They carry AR-7, PA-21, but some elite units (assigned to particularly vulnerable areas) will deploy with PA-31s or even PL-1.[3][4][1]

"Lightning teams" are used for anti-armor, attacks on armored emplacements, and special missions. Their standard arm is the PA-31.[3]

They wear heightened body-armor that provide some defense against nuclear/biological/chemical attacks.[1][3][4]


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