Appears in mission(s) 3 - 8[1]
Hit points 110 - 130[1]
Skill Weak[1]
Primary weapon RP-32 rifle[1]
Secondary weapon PA-31 laser[1]
Defenses Armor[1]

The WEC recruits Soldiers which are also issued on guard duty.

They are armed with BA-41 or a PA-21 laser.[2]

Soldiers cede their civilian status for 6000-credits. Their enlistment lasts for 5 years. During that period their loyalty and constancy are carefully monitored; they attend weekly sessions that involve psychological re-education, hypnotic interrogation and minor R & D experimentation. They start more intensive training in their last 2 years.[1] Compared to Special Forces, they are not very well trained, but will usually defend their position better than the civilian Guards.[2]

Most are assigned to Code 4 interior security duty or to perimeter patrols. The assigned weapon for such duties is the RP-32 rifle, although the slightly more effective PA-31 laser is gaining popularity. Soldiers are fitted with full-body armor suits and implanted with tracking chips. Most soldiers will defend their assigned area to the death.[1]

At the end of their duty, those who don't choose to return to civilian life, sign on for advanced Occupational Specialty training. Approximately 12% of them go on to become Special Forces or Enforcer members.[1]


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