Advances in cybernetics since 2096 allowed servomechanical workers to supplement human labor to an ever-increasing extent. Servo-echanical robots almost totally replaced the work force by 2196, by accomplishing any complex repair task (from running diagnostic tests on a failed circuit to replacing a silicon chip in a malfunctioning computer assembly line).[1]

The WEC Security Cartel and Cybernetics Cartel combined resources to produce a line of servomechs with integral armament and advanced programming for security application. Because of the limited machine AI technology, even in the most advanced versions, Security Cartel recommends a balanced force of human and mechanical defenders.[2]

Servomechs are usually kept in Robot Booths, placed in key locations. They are protected by Deflector Walls when not on duty.[1]

Most servomechs carry a fission battery. Servomechs use a direct circuit connection to power their energy shields. If the shield system malfunctions, the power feedback often renders the battery ineffective.[3]

All servomechs are similar in operation and vary only in their programming complexity and armament.[1]

There are two general maintenance servomechs with security programming available for general requisition.[2] The two most popular models[1] are:

Also, there are two armored, anti-personnel weapons platforms available for authorized civilian use. Unlike the MS series, AP servomechs are primarily designed for offensive and defensive tactics against small unit ground forces.[2] Both are outfitted with mounted arms and are sometimes used to supplement human forces.[1]

Antipersonnel weapons platforms may only be requisitioned with direct Security Cartel authorization.

Servomechs are very dangerous to infiltrators but are relatively easy to destroy, and very expensive for the WEC to replace, and thus a significant target for Resistance operatives.[2]

Robots suffer 1/3 damage from projectile weapons (excluding rockets).[1]


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