The Security Cartel is a WEC member. Their central R&D labs are located in Berne, European Region.

Branch offices are located in WEC controlled regions world wide and are the first and last resort for anti-terrorist security. It cooperates with manufacturing and production cartels such as the Metalworking Cartel, Cybernetics Cartel, Enterprise Cartel and others, to supply with secure building materials and security equipment. The Cartel authorizes the requisitoin and installation of automated weapons emplacements and booby traps.

The Cartel offices provide counselors to help administrators maximize the security of their facility, according to the security budget. They are consulted with every rebuilding and remodelling, and inspect and review security readiness at least once a year. They also help administrators to formulate emergency security and evacuation plans, train personnel in security procedures, and conduct drills.

The Cartel provides investigators to track down and arrest perpetrators or evaluate incidents to assist with the apprehension of at-large terrorists and prevent similar occurrences in the future. It also provides facilities to secure key assets and personnel in danger, and guards to physically protect against a threat of violence.

The armed forces of the Security and MilOps Cartels range from local conscripts to the Silencer Corps. They stand ever ready to respond to any threat. Branch officies monitor security cameras from nearby WEC facilities and have alarm systems patched in to silent alarms, thus enabling armed personnel to teleport on site. It maintains a highly trained force of riot troops, and riot units stand ready at all times to deploy to any point on Earth within 30 minutes. It also maintains highly trained special teams to deal with irrational criminals with a minimum of risk to Consortium economic or human resources.

Finally, the Cartel can mobilize MilOps Cartel troops.

Since not all facilities are qualified for direct personnel assignment, the Security Cartel oversees Enterprise Cartel administration of private, local security firms for human presence. It also oversees and organizes community efforts by volunteer citizens who wish to provide external security. Cartel facilities coordinates them.

Combining resources with the Cybernetics Cartel, they produce a line of servomechs with integral armament and advanced security programming. There are two general maintenance servomechs with security programming available for general requisition, and two armored, anti-personnel weapons platforms available for authorized civilian use.

Publications include SC-39P-447D, "Organizational Security and Personnel Screening" and SC-41P-904R "Anti-Terrorist Site Security".