Refuseniks were WEC citizes who, for religious, moral, political or criminal reasons refused to register their identity with the Registration Division of the Human Resources Cartel. Some managed to purge themselves from WEC databases or or staged their own "deaths". Refuseniks tend to protect and support each other organizedly.

The movement begun with barely a thousand ideological extremists in 2185 worldwide but it surged during the late 2180s, and teir numbers went at least a half-million by 2190.[1]

They were more politically overt in their earlier years, routinely organizing anti-WEC riots among the populace. Even after WEC adopted enhanced data security, making impossible for a citizen to access and alter his own records, there are second-generation undocumented individuals. Even now, they resolve to petty theft and vandalism and WEC considers them a palpable threat to site security. The Resistance considers them a possible ally.


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