The RP-22 Conciliator is a semi-automatic rifle. The mass productino rifle of the WEC,[1] it is issued to Security Cartel police units and sometimes civilian conscripts,[2] guards or sentries on foot duty.[1] It is often stockpiled in sensitive installations for emergency site defense, and is favored by civilian sportsmen[2] who laud it as a superb for hunting.[1]

It can be fitted with optical or electronic sights, which increases its effective range to about 200 meters. The frame and barrel are constructed entirely of ballistic-grade plastics, and fires a frictionless, caseless .30 round. Standard options include shoulder-mount sling and bipod-mount.[2][1]

The Conciliator’s standard ammo consists of .30 rounds,[1] with 60 rounds per magazine. Each shot is preset to fire in 2-round bursts.[1][2] The 6 shot/second refire rate gives this weapon a high overall damage potential.[1]

RP-32 is an improved version.


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