Quentin Maxis
Height 178 cm
Weight 88 kg
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Political information
ID# 4R-3G9-8773-XXX
Other information
Actor Ev Lunning

Quentin Maxis was trained at the MilOps Cartel Military Academy and Strategic College and graduated with Honors. By age 30 he attained the rank of Colonel in the WEC and subsequently was assigned as an instructor at the Academy. He developed a growing distrust of the bureaucrats and the means through which they governed.

In November of 2181 he quit his career, and disappeared from the spotlight. He joined a resurgent Resistance military force and in 2183 he emerged as the leader. He revitalized the military arm of the Resistance in the early '80s.

He has proven to be a brilliant strategist, skilled propagandist, and inspiring leader, and avoids violence against civilians.

He also acts as the most visible symbol of the Resistance and serves as a spokesperson for the Resistance in pre-recorded messages to the WEC senate.

He has been Security Cartel's Public Enemy #1 wanted for treason, conspiracy, murder, terrorism, political agitation and related charges. He has proven completely intractable in the face of threats or retaliation against hostages or citizens.[1]

Maxis assumed the rank of General, and apparently became the head of all armed forces in the Resistance, part of Central (the Resistance directive office) and from his hidden HQ directs the efforts against the WEC.

Maxis sympathizes with the Captain's apparent motivations for leaving the service of the WEC and is the man responsible for welcoming him into the Resistance, convincing the rest of Central to give the former Silencer a chance.[2]

He maintained communication with the Captain debriefing him after his missions. After his infiltration to the Thermatron Manufacturing Plant, the Central was worried that the mission was more difficult than it should have been and feared that information was leaked to the WEC intelligence.[3]

Later he warned the Captain about the detection of two communication signals from the base. Central pinpointed the origin of the second message from somewhere within the Echo Base but they were unable to determine the termination point. Hoping to find the equipment used to send the message, he dispatched a Security team to do a sweep but they were unable to come up with anything.[4]

Receiving reports from Dr. Gregor Hoffman's experiments, he orders the Captain to destroy all genetic prototypes to his new weapon, a new generation of Silencers.[5] He is asked by the Captain to make a research to find out about his origins and whether he is genetically engineered. He later informs the Captain that despite the research, there was nothing to prove or disprove that the Captain is a result of a genetic experiment.[6]

He sent an e-mail offering condolences on the loss of Resistance's Echo sector personnel, and notes that even his most skeptical officers no longer doubt the Silencer's loyalty—and as such he is expanding the Captain's clearance on the Resistance server, allowing him access to information about the Resistance's activities, goals, and personnel on the Moon, where he assumes the Silencer will turn up next.


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