Prometheus Station is the most advanced and ambitious zero-g research

and manufacturing facility ever constructed by the WEC and the R&D Cartel. It is located at the L2 point between Earth and Luna.

It has capacity for 1200 scientists, technicians and their families. Facilities include:

  • Nanotechnology labs and factories
  • Crystal cultivation tanks
  • High-tech trans-stellar propulsion laboratory.

Inhabitants of Prometheus have mostly been construction crews until replaced by the permanent-party crewmembers. The new habitation module (dubbed "Gauthier Sector" by the construction crews) has a capacity for up to 400 persons, but with the addition of amenities the capacity is estimated to reach 250. The final section of the life-support area is pressurized on 1 September 2169 and 100 specialists will move in immediately to begin with limited operations at the station's research labs. A plaque bearing the names of the first occupants will be placed at the entrance to the module by the R&D Cartel.

The occupants will witness the station shaping up around them. Manufacturing areas will open the following month. The station will be fully staffed and operational within a year.[1]


  1. Top Line Lunar Edition

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