The Petra Insurrection was an the first major dissident event against the WEC.

Many regions of the world were dissatisfied with WEC administration and longed for the old traditional types of government. The industrial city of Petra, perhaps influenced by Resistance propaganda, considered renouncing its affiliation with the WEC. In January 2194, the city announced a public referendum for March 1st on the question. Surprisingly, the election was allowed to proceed. 71% of the populace turned out to vote, and 82% voted in favor of secession. Immediately, the provisional government of the city declared itself in power, ceased tax payment and took over all WEC administrative functions. Officials that opposed the takeover were held for deportation.

During the following month, the Petran government established itself and scheduled for new civic elections for September. A trade delegation was sent to Admin Cartel headquarters to negotiate with the WEC for commercial relations. However they were arrested and imprisoned, but allowed to stay in contact with the Petran government.

Other cities with strong Resistance ties considered to follow Petra's example. Petra began to welcome thousands of Resistance sympathizers from around the globe and this would prove to be its demise. Then the WEC retaliates: 300 stratospheric fighter-bombers were launched from the MilOps Cartel base at Brasilia. The delegates are executed and Petra and surrounding areas are bombed on the morning of April 7 leaving 14 million dead.


During the next 4 days, the WEC began to hunt the Resistance around the globe. 2.3 million more people were summarily executed, and more than a million were imprisoned. This polarized the populace and city after city began to rebel, only to meet with the same fate in the course of just a few days. 12 more cities lay in ruins. Security Cartel monitoring was stepped up and the entire globe remained under martial law for six months, and garnishment was raised to 94%.

The WEC claimed that the destruction of Petra was caused by a reactor-core meltdown due to inept maintenance at a power plant. The official death toll was set at 440,000. Despite this, daily riots occurred all over the world, causing more than 700 trillion dollars loss for that year.

Any talk of rebellion was punishable by imprisonment, and robots enforced martial law. The people quickly submitted under confusion and fear of government retaliation, and any form of organized uprising was without question. Scattered bands of people around the world began to organize via the massive electronic networks and resolved to common ineffective small attacks against the government.


Anti-Terrorist Site Security points the Insurrection at 2192, but Avoidance of Accountability gives a date of 2 years later.