Nickname Unifier
Type Plasma Rifle
Physical/technical characteristics
Weight 3.7k[1]
Range 40m[1]
Rate of fire 6[1] or 10 or 12[1]
Relative speed 12
Energy consumption 45 or 80[1]
Other information
Price 2800
First appearance Crusader: No RemorseMission 9
Ammo/beam type Plasma stream
Maximum damage 85
Shield cost 100 or 375
Effective shields Ionic, Plasma, Graviton

PL-1 Unifier is a fully-automatic Plasma Rifle, the only used by the WEC.[1][2][3] It is normally used for military commando operations and police SWAT teams.[1] Some elite Special Forces units are equiped with it[3][2] such as Enforcers.

Along with its uniqueness, it also has a unique mode of operation: Superheated, ionized gases are mixed into a state of equilibrium and formed into linear pulses of superheated plasma by a condensed magnetic field,[1] that flare to 1200 degrees centigrade. They can easily pass through most metallic barriers.[2][3] A direct hit disintegrates a non-shielded human target, leaving behind only carbonized residue. It is extremely effective against vehicles and servomechs.[3][2][1]

It fires 6[1] but also 10 shots/second; those powered by fusion batteries support slightly higher refire rates.[2]


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