Nicholas Cardova
Height 173 cm
Weight 90 kg
Hair color Brown
Eye color brown
Political information
ID# 6Y-5B52-4589-XXX
Other information
Actor Carlos Compean

Nicholas Cardova is a member of the Resistance. He is notable for his belligerent attitude and quick temper.

Cardova displayed radical tendencies as far back as grammar school. He majored in political science but on his sophomore year he disseminted anti-Consortium resulting to a 3-year sentence and interrupt of his college career.

Immediately after his release he was apparently recruited by the Resistance and went underground. He has participated in several attacks. He is wanted for treason, terrorism, assault, kidnapping and political agitation.[1]

At one time during a mission with Derrick Andrews, he took some shrapnel and couldn't walk. He told Tax Man to leave him, but he instead dragged him all the way to the jump pad where Wizard pulled them out two seconds before that place was slag.[2]

During his Resistance career he has been prooted and demoted several times. By the time he meets the Captain, he is a private yet again. He initially welcomes the Silencer with pure venom, forbidding him to call him "Yo-Yo".[3] Later he handled the Insertion Reconnaissance for the Captain to the Thermatron Manufacturing Plant. After confirming the insertion coordinates he warned the Captain that there's more security than ever, and suspected a set up. [4]

In a later mission, Wizard confused the coordinates and dumped him in the waste reclamation tank.[2]

However, after the mission which destroyed the Chemical Weapons Manufacturing Plant he was restored to corporal and his attitude reverses, and he becomes almost fond of the Silencer,[5] if only because of the Captain's talent for destruction.

Stephon Ely replaces him in a mission with Shannon Brooks but is later captured. Later Cardova does Insertion Reconnaisance during the Captain's mission at Dr. Gregor Hoffman's lab.[6]

He led a team to the Kimball Security Facility in order to take out the teleport screen. He made contact with the Rebel informant who expected the Tin Man but the link went dead as he was killed.[7] He met heavy opposition and was almost killed. He suspected Brooks betrayed them and wished to meet her one last time to make her pay for this.[8]

He is killed after Major Jo Anne Vargas leads WEC forces to Echo Sector base.


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