Template:Item The medikit is an electronic field dressing that can be carried in a belt pouch. Each Medikit carries its own internal power cell that lasts for ~5 years,[1] and it does not need to be linked to an external power supply.[2] It is designed to temporarily sustain the injured user until medical help can be obtained.[1] It helps keep the user alert and cuntioning until he can accomplish his mission, although it doesn't heal.[2][3]

It is one-use and contains a microscopic injection system, which injects anesthetics, stimulants, antibiotics and anti-shock medications; it also has a skin sealant function[1] and is also effective at countering the effects of several common respiratory and contact toxins.[3][2]

Because of the radical nature of Medikit treatment, there is the potential for long-term side effects or delayed reactions. Medikit is recommended only under imminent threat of loss of life or consciousness.[3][2] It is incabale of treating severe injuries with loss of blood.[1]


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