Matt Shepherd
Birth 2159.12.2, Toronto
Height 183 cm
Weight 82 kg
Hair color brown
Eye color brown
Political information
ID# 3D-24GT-4742-DDD
Affiliation WEC, Lunar Resistance
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Other information

Matt Shepherd was born in Toronto. He attended BA (admin) ULV in Las Vegas from which he graduated In 2180. He then attended SecCart Academy OT, in Singapore Reported and graduated two years later.

He served 15 years as Security Cartel officer holding several site chief and subchief assignments across the globe.

In 93.4 he was assigned in Luna as Deputy Security Chief (Mines), in charge of supervising the physical security of the mining operation. He witnessed the inhuman treatment of WEC convicts in the mines, where nonviolent political dissidents were often more harshly treated by their captors than violent criminals and social deviants.

Being disenchanted with the SecCart and WEC, he made contact with the Resistance in 93.11, informing them on human rights abuses. He also attempted to obtain covert humanitarian relief for members of the mine gangs.

For the following 16 months Shepherd steadily increased his involvement assisting the Resistance by gathering intelligence, smuggling material and personnel, and even sabotage. He became the Resistance's highest-level LMC double agent. As his operation would jeopardize both himself and Resistance security, it was decided around 95.6 to stage his death and returned to Earth for a seven-week furlough. He received further Resistance training and indoctrination.

He returned to Luna and on 95.7.25 he staged his "death" in a prospecting hovershuttle crash and was smuggled back to DarkSide Station. He became the Resistance's first full-time underground guerrilla officer on Luna, and on 96.4 he was promoted to Major serving an an experienced and competent commander and administrator for all lunar military operations responsible for major improvements in recruitment and training, and assisting intelligence in enhancing the efficiency of their operations.

WEC lunar counterintelligence suspects that he is alive and defected to the Resistance.