Marian Leibnitz
Birth 66.7.5, Houston
Height 193 cm
Weight 132 kg
Hair color black
Eye color brown
Political information
ID# 9G-26TF-3732-AXX
Affiliation Lunar Resistance
Rank Civilian (conscript)
Other information

Marian Leibnitz was born in Houston metroplex and grew up in the slums. His childhood affinity for explosives made him notorious within the local youth gangs.

During the Houston riots of '78, he was arrested at age 11 for arson and looting. He was incarcerated at the high-security Dormitory for Violent Youth near New Orleans from which he escaped three years later.

He joined the Resistance in '81 distinguishing himself as one of the most proficient explosives and demolitions experts during the following 12 years. During a sabotage operation in London in 94.8, he fell into Security Cartel hands.

Torch was sentenced to conscription for life on Luna. Thanks to his skills, he earned a position of responsibility and relative trust in the mines. There he joined up with the conscipt sympathizers and became a natural saboteur for the Resistance. He suffered a Di-Cor contaminated injury and lost an arm in 95.6. This excluded him from actual commando operations and was reduced to mission planning and coordination, still one of the Resistance's most effective undercover ops and dangerous guerrilla operatives on Luna.

Unsurprisingly, he expresses an extreme distaste for his actual name, and prefers being called "torch".