Limpet Mine
Type Bomb
Physical/technical characteristics
Weight < 0.3k[1]
Other information
Maximum damage 100[2]
Blast radius 6,[3] 10,[4] 2[2]

Limpet mines are land mines used for territory denial in areas where it is not practical to place larger or more permanent mines.[4] Their best use is next to doors or teleport pads so as to prevent arrival of reinforcements.[5][1]

A limpet mine is affixed to any flat, firm surface via electrostatic charge. After a built-in 3" delay to allow the user to get out of range, it detonates when any moving object approaches within about 1/2 meter (triggered by its detection field).[5][4][1]

Extremely small and light a single soldier can carry several limpet mines, even on a light patrol.[5][4][1]


The Hintbook gives inconsistent number of the blast radius.


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