Joseph Willmar
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Actor Rick Perkins

Professor Joseph Willmar is a slightly overweight, middle-aged scientist working as the Executive Engineer in Charge of Special Weapons and Armor Development for the WEC. He was a speaker at the AP-4400 and MS-110 introduction ceremony, expressing his hope that that these designs mark a dramatic leap forward in the security, and efficiency, of all WEC facilities.[1]

However he reluctantly cooperates with Resistance agents who infiltrate facilities, helping them gain access to restricted structures by supplying key cards. He is nervous, unhappy, and worried about his role, as the people at the lab look at him suspiciously and often whines, "I'm just a scientist!", and at one point theorizes that he'll be dead soon—from a heart attack.

He first sees the Captain while at the WEC refinery (Allotment Center) and gives him a key card past Level 3, and terrified wishes that Central finds a replacement for this job. He warns the Captain about the Servomechs on Level 4 before running away scared.[2]

Later he was found in the scientific institute where the WEC manufacture the Cypher chip. After some adventures he fund an access card which he gave to the Captain to gain entry to the MELF computer.[3]

While working for the armor and weapons division, his latest invention is the "graviton shield", but he is arrested, probably because the spy in the Resistance revealed Willmar's Resistance complicity to the WEC. He is put in a maximum security detainment pending execution when he finishes his project. In an extraction attempt, Prof. Willmar is stepping on a sabotaged teleporter whose signal had been scrambled by the spy, liquefying him (a fate shared by The Silencer should he be foolhardy enough to try to use the teleport pad himself).


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