Template:Item infobox Ionic shield is a personal energy shield generator (belt or shoulder mounted) which uses normal battery energy. It turns it into a protective sphere of highly energized electrons that surrounds the wearer of the generator.[1] The high-speed electrons trace a pre-set path around the closest edge of the wearer's aural field, creating a semi-protective layer around the body.[2] Because of their speed they are capable of absorbing the kinetic energy of ballistic projectiles and deflect beams from energy weapons,[2] greatly reducing their lethality.[3][2] (however they are slow enough to allow air molecules to permeate the shield).[2]

It is often used by police and riot-control units[3][1] but is also available on a free-maret basis. This shield has the quickest activation time as it energizes immediately (.002 secs) after the wearer uses the small thumb activation switch on the belt.[2]

It is effective against: AC-88, SG-A1, BA-40, BA-41, RP-22 and RP-32.[2]


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