Appears in mission(s) 1-6[1]
Hit points 20-36[1]
Skill Very Weak[1]
Primary weapon BA-40 pistol[2][1]
Secondary weapon BA-41[2][1]
Defenses Minimal[1]

Guards are armed civilians employed by the WEC as personnel in installations. Compared to other forces, they poorly-trained and even less motivated. [2]

They are usually armed with BA-40 pistols, or BA-41.[2] Upgraded equipment would include RP-32.[3]

According to the WEC personnel guide, Guards are typically civilian males aged between 19 and 35. These come usually from the impoverished civilizan population, who, in order to escape their reality, opt to volunteer for service. They spend 2 weeks in training, never propersly trained in the art of close-quarters combat. As civilians, they don't work during weekends, and are paid with 60 credits per week. Most of those that do survive usually return to the civilian population within a year.[1]

Although few sympathize with the Resistance, they aren't blindly loyal to the WEC, so they act according to self-preservation. They won't hesitate to surrender before a superior intruder. Confronted with gunfire, they'd protect themselves with their guns.[1]


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