Physical/technical characteristics
Weight 4k[1]
Range 50m[1]
Rate of fire 1/second[1]
Other information
Shells per clip 10[1]

GL-303 is a Grenade Launcher primarily used to dispel crowds or large groups of protesters.[2] It is carried by at least one member of every WEC fire team, and is also used extensively by police and anti-terrorist units usually warranting three per team.[1][3][2] It is carried by Elite Storm Troopers and Enforcers.[4]

The normal WEC anti-personnel load for this weapon is a grenade that combines concussion damage with limited incendiary capabilities.[3][1]

Standard grenade rounds are streamlined, 9.2 cm plastic projectiles weighing 102-144 grams. Because of its low ammunition weight, the GL-303 mounts an internal, 10-grenade magazine.[3][2][1] The 303 grenade explodes on impact and delivers both concussion and incendiary damage spraying flaming shards in a spherical 360-degree radius. This is especially effective against organic targets — when they take a direct hit, they burst into flames and die soon thereafter.[2]


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