Everett Snell
Political information
Affiliation WEC
Rank Senator
Other information
Actor Ron Jackson

A corrupt Consortium politician, Senator Snell is a man whose main interest seems to be enjoying the power coming from his political position. In a meeting with Chairman Nathaniel Draygan and Dr. Gregor Hoffman Snell is the man whom Draygan turns to when the Chairman requires the Senate to vote according to his desires to vote in favor for the Vigilance Program. Snell expresses his concerns that the Program, despite its tremendous potential for "world peace", is a risky proposition, but these are dismissed by Draygan as politics is itself a risky business. He promises not only that the leaders who brought the "world peace" will be admired by the populace, but that the Vigilance also will be used against Snell's enemies.

In order to ascertain the location of the dangerous EEOD nerve gas stockpile. The Captain enters the WEC Government Office Building in order to capture the Senator. At first he tried to bribe him, by offering him the position of a Senator, or a corporate CEO somewhere exotic, to which the Captain did not react.[1] Indeed, he revealed that the nerve gas was to be found at the Chemical Weapons Manufacturing Plant in the vicinity of the Powell Military Base.[2]

He also reveals the existence of the Vigilance Platform but later he is able to flee from Resistance custody. He reports back to the WEC headquarters, only to be shot down by the Chairman, because of his incopetence. According to the official WorldView headlines, Snell was killed when Resistance forces seized control of the Farpark Data Processing Center while on a fact-finding tour.[3]


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