Europa Economic Interest was one of the continental economic organizations of the 21st century.

The EEI complete their own Orbiting Industrial Platform in 2069.

When the League of Arab States declared bankruptcy in 2109, the EEI claimed their former territories and engaged into a proxy war against DOMO. The EEI lost, but the war crippled DOMO financially.

The western provinces of the New Russian Republic of States were longtime allies of the EEI. After the 2112 food riots at Yeltsingrad, the westernmost provinces joined the EEI, along with the OIP of Pasternak. This was the first time when an OIP joined an alliance independently from its own region, which joined the DOMO.

In 2125 the EEI, the African League of Nations, and the American Alliance established the first colony on Mars under a common charter, paving the way for full-time asteroid processing.

It joined other coglomerations to form the World Economic Consortium in 2150.[1]


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