The Equatorial Cup is a racing event where fliers complete a circumnavigation in the shortest time possible. It is organized by the Stratospheric Racing Association.

The Aerospace Cartel monopolized the cup for decades, winning 24 of the first 30 races, but failed to place a flier in the top 10 after 2190.

Edna Gershwin set a record in 2179, completing her circumnavigation in 3:19:27.63.


The field of 90 fliers took off at 10:30 from Sumatra under fair skies, but higher-than-expected winds north of the Marquises were blamed for this year’s failure to produce a new world’s record.

Geoffrey Nee (Home Recreation Cartel), experienced a navigational system failure and made a safe landing at Quito. Mischa Hoagland (Pharmaceuticals Cartel) experienced a surge in his power system and had to eject over the Atlantic. He was recovered, unharmed, a few minutes later.

The 3 best times were:

  1. Rashid Hogan (Mining Cartel), completed his circumnavigation in 3:21:51.73. It was his first year flying with Mining, and it's the second Equatorial Cup.
  2. Kim Garvey (Undersea Resource Cartel), came in second at 3:25:19.44
  3. Linda Smith (Chemical Cartel) distant third at 3:37:41.33

Of the rest of the field, all fliers completed the circumnavigation in less than four hours.

It was the first Equatorial Cup for Lyle Gershwin, son of World Record holder Edna, who flew for the Aerospace Cartel. He took 19th, a very respectable finish for a rookie, but one more humiliation for the Aerospace. Still, he is considered a hopeul for Aerospace.