Nickname Vortex
Type Electromagnetic Pulse Rifle
Physical/technical characteristics
Weight 4.4k[1]
Range 150m[1]
Rate of fire 3/sec[1]
Energy consumption 200[1]
Other information

The EM-4 Vortex is designed as an anti-servomech weapon. It fires a concentrated electromagnetic pulse, which interferes with the gyroscopic guidance mechanisms of all standard servomechs, temporarily nullifying their reactive circuits and offensive capability.[2][3][1]

However it does only limited damage against human targets inflicting low-grade burns.[2][3] Other versions however are capable of instantly incinerating or even vaporize an unprotected target.[1]

The weapon was developed in response to the servomech uprising in Sector 4, CNC, where 4 people were killed. It was phased in over the last 6 years.[3]

EM-4s are kept stockpiled in all mechanized compounds for use in the event that they become necessary for anti-servomech operations.[2][3] Use in computer data halls or system command centers is restricted to low-intensity settings.[3]


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