Derrick Andrews
Height 188 cm
Weight 84 kg
Hair color Brown
Eye color green
Political information
ID# 46-9L22-1677-XXX
Other information
Actor Gabriel Folse

Derrick Andrews is a former WEC worker who defected to the Resistance. He is notable for being inexperienced and nervous.


Andrews worked as an associate accountant in the Revenue Assessment Division of the Administrative Cartel for almost a decade. He was known as a dedicated and solitary worker.

Probably he witnessed the Consortium action to suppress the El Paso Tax Insurrection and appears to have had some kind of moral crisis causing him to abandon his loyalty to the WEC.

It is supposed that he spent some time as a Resistance subversive agent or informer in the RAD before going underground in 2192. On the first day of his training, Shannon Brooks gave him a rabbit's foot saying he can use all luck he can get.[1] He is believed to have participated in a couple of terrorist operations in the last year, possibly under the command of Shannon Brooks, but without training or experience for military action. He is wanted for treason, terrorism, espionage and assault.[2] Even after a year fighting with Brooks, she still treats him like Consortium scum.[1] But most of his peers eventually came around.[3]

At one time he was in a mission with Nicholas Cardova who took some shrapnel and couldn't walk. He was told to leave him, but Andrews instead dragged him all the way to the jump pad where Wizard pulled them out two seconds before that place was slag.[4]

Andrews seems to be viewed as the least skilled fighter on Echo base, and often appears nervous, particularly in combat situations. Andrews is one of the few Resistance operatives who is not hostile to the Captain, seemingly having more respect for him than anyone else, possibly due to sympathizing with his defection and the attitude the others treat them with. He encourages him by saying that they will eventually trust him, as they did with him.[3]

He participated in an operation of Insertion Reconnaissance to teleport him to a prison facility, but he was unable to access security grids, and managed only to find a destination in the middle of a high security zone.[3] After the Captain was unable to save the prisoners from Gregor Hoffman, Andrews was sure that the Captain did everything he could. He also said that he could trust the others.[5]

While working on Insertion Reconnaissance to help the Captain to infiltrate the SORC monitoring station, he attempted to take out the screen and allow him to proceed. Then he was ambushed by a squad of WEC soldiers. Badly outnumbered, he is killed in action, but not before managing to shut down a forcefield blocking the Silencer's way.[6] It's very likely the ambush had been set up by the spy in the Resistance, who probably warned the WEC of the Rebels' upcoming raid. Andrews' death does nothing for the Silencer's reputation: Brooks threatens him with pain and death if they find out he had anything to do with the betrayal.


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