One of the Crusader Clan's Primary members, crusader golem is the main recruiter of the Crusaders and also one of their main fighters. Previously, Golem would have been most likely seen fighting alongside Crusader zorvy, but now, Golem prefers to fight with the newer class of Crusaders, such as Crusader cobra, kluxxe, and a few other associated friends such as Dogkazzer and Hoping for others to be getting gold membership soon. Golem is very well known for his cold and objective fighting style online which has resulted in an extremely high number of team betrayals, this is because they get in the way of golem too often. Golem is a very efficient and even more so intelligent teammate which plays best after alcohol.


Joining the Clan in 2008 after invitation from Crusader zorvy, Golem became a close friend of Zorvy's and  faught many a battle with him and Crusader CD.

It was Golem that intruduced other members such as Crusader Arman and Crusader cobra to the the clan, both of whom he has spent most of his battles and experiences with.

In Summer of 2012, there was a large dispute between the newer members of the Crusader Clan and Golem, in which Smirfing Kitty, Kluxxe, and Crusader Arman all left as a result. Golem has been deeply moved by this result ever since. The dispute has recently been solved with a hopeful recovery of the crusaders and their active members

crusader golem is certainly the most superior within the clan for his advanced tactics and psychological analysis and anticipation of the opponents behaviour, which has caused golem to be the most highly respected tactician and has won the crusaders and associates many games furthermore has lead to golem being the equivalent a one man army on games such as MW3 and unstoppable when he is alongside other crusaders such as kluxxe and smurffing kitty with kitty being the most skilled at MW3, however on Halo golem generally works alongside cobra since their teamwork has lead to many victories against all odds and some very unusual occurrences online. Golem is the initial point of contact for all disputes within the clan due to his unusual but effective methods of acquiring information and solving issues without being noticed.