Introduction== Introduced to the clan by Crusader golem, Cobra is usualy found fighting alongside him, and up until recently, Kluxxe, and Crusader Arman as well. Cobra was the first Crusader to have limmited contact with the original Crusaders, Crusader CD and Crusader zorvy.


Originaly SimCobra1, crusader cobra joined the Clan in 2010 after invitation from Crusader golem. together, and sometimes with Crusader arman, many great battles where won.

in 2012, Cobra was involved on the side of Golem. However, Cobra was somewhat neutural in the dispute along with Kluxxe. Cobra could see the points of both sides of the fall out, but it wasn't until the end of the battle, that Cobra decided he was fully on Golems side, as he believed Kitty and Arman were in the worng, and Kluxxe was untrustworthy.

As Crusader zorvy and Crusader CD, both worked on together now seperately from the rest of the Crusader Clan, most consider Cobra and Golem to be the only remaining members of the crusaders.