WEC NewsEdit

Josh Starns
In an attack aimed at derailing the efforts of the Enders Orbital Facility, Resistance forces seized control of the Farpark Data Processing Center. But WEC forces acted quickly, and the facility was retaken after a bloody skirmish in which all the rebels were killed. The only confirmed casualty was Senator Snell, who was there on a fact-finding tour.


Shannon Brooks
Another convenient accident? Did you reset the filter after Wizard started the beam? Next mission I draw with you I'm gonna make damn sure you teleport out first.
Jo Anne Vargas
Professor Willmar's death was tragic, a poor death for someone who was such an asset to our cause. Reaves swears that Consortium Operatives pulled the signal from him, but it could have been a well-planned accident. Ely has ordered complete diagnostics on the equipment. We don't need any more problems like this in the future.
Troy Reaves
I can't figure it out. I slid through their access gates. Rerouted to the classified hub, signal was good. Then suddenly it... wasn't there. Diagnostics showed his pattern in the buffer clean. The Colonel wants another grid-out diagnostic, but... I'm telling you... it didn't happen on my end.


Stephon Ely
According to one of our operatives, Draygan has arranged a private meeting with a group of his key Senators tonight. Central believes that they discuss the new WEC super weapon. You are to infiltrate the complex where this meeting is to take place and listen in on their meeting. Remember, Captain, this is strictly an espionage mission. If any alarms are raised, we may have to abort the mission. Reaves will arrange your extraction after their meeting. If you have any further questions, consult your DataLink. Good luck, Captain.


  • Infiltrate government complex and spy a congressional meeting. Setting of the alarm will not fail the mission.


Nathaniel Draygan
Good evening, Senators. Things are progressing faster than I thought with the offensive potential of the Vigilance Platform. It should be fully operational within days. But before that happens, I need a list of cities in your districts that aid the Resistance. Petra's fate during our initial field test will make them capitulate quickly. In return for your support on this venture, each of you may also designate a political target for the satellites. As the world awaits the fate of the cities on your list, your rivals shall be eliminated as they leave their homes. Not only will the Platform make our constituents cooperate, it will also secure our rightful position within the new order. The world will remember you all as visionaries leading the way to peace and stability. I salute you, the backbone of the Consortium. Draygan, out.
Troy Reaves
Time to go, Tin Man. Teleport link still established to insertion pad. In fact, it's almost too quiet. Not a sniffer on the grid anywhere. I think you'd better jump while you can. Wizard, out.

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