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Josh Starns
And to recap our lead story, in the largest act of Resistance terrorism to date, the entire Reilly Military Info Installation was obliterated by a nuclear bomb. Key government sources confirm that radiation levels are slightly elevated, but they predict the danger will pass quickly. Citizens living near the installation are urged to remain indoors for a week. Stay tuned...
And to recap our lead story, in the largest act of terrorism to date, the entire city of New York was obliterated by a small nuclear bomb. Government sources confirm that radiation levels are slightly elevated, but they predict the danger should pass quickly. Citizens are urged to remain indoors for a few weeks. Stay tuned....


Troy Reaves
Hey, Tin Man. Know of anyone to buy some slightly used electronics? I'm about to turn in my hacker's card, let me tell you. I think I got hit by every sniffer the Consortium has. Fried our communication. I had switched everything out on account of our spying Sergeant, too...


Jo Anne Vargas
No rest for the wicked, Captain. I just got word that Colonel Ely is still alive. He's for termination, but we might be able to get him. I just don't think Cardova is up to it right now. I can't send someone in with you... no manpower. Make this one count, Captain... I don't want to lose another good soldier.



  • Surveillance Central
  • Maximum Security surveillance Tower
  • Enforcer Barracks


Jo Anne Vargas
What's the status on our traitor, Lieutenant? I trust you realize that the Chairman has a personal interest in the fate of this rogue Silencer. Captain, what a surprise. I seem to have under-estimated you again. Or, more appropriately, I seem to have over-estimated my soldiers. But, no matter. I know when to cut my losses and run. Of course this necessitates covering my tracks here, which should also be useful in convincing Central that you really were the spy after all. I trust you said your good-byes before you departed. There won't be anything left when the Blast PAC goes off. It is too bad that you chose to side with the Resistance. The Consortium is a far more lucrative investment. So long, Captain. It was fun while it lasted...
Shannon Brooks
Captain! Get me out of here! Major Vargas is a spy! She'll destroy the entire unit if we don't stop her! If she makes it back, the Resistance has no chance. Come on let's go!!
Shannon Brooks
One nice thing about being in this particular cell... I figured out the code. I've got a score with Vargas!

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