Quentin Maxis
Excellent work on that last mission, Captain. The schematics help us find a weakness in their plans, or help us sway the leadership of the cities that were on Draygan's hit list. Central confirmed that security was stepped up shortly before your insertion. We have been unable to determine if this was because of information by Sergeant Brooks, or whether there is still a leak within your unit. Continue assuming that security has been breached. Maxis, out.

WEC NewsEdit

Trina Jenkins
Good news for those with friends and relatives living on Orbital Industrial Platforms. The Department of Global Communications lowered the rates for e-mail destined to those distant complexes. The cost for a message to orbiting facilities will only be 34 credits. What a savings! Back to you, Josh...


Nicholas Cardova
I tell you they were waiting on us! Damn the Sergeant! She must have tipped them. I nearly got killed out there because of her, I hope I get the chance to meet up with her again... for the last time!
Troy Reaves
I haven't had that much trouble with the sniffers. My boards were so hot, I thought they were melting. It looks like the Sergeant had one last gift for us. But it can only get better, right?


Jo Anne Vargas
According to the data, the Vigilance Platform is not totally independent of ground control yet... but soon. Chairman Draygan has delivered an ultimatum to New York. Cease all dealings with us and hand over rebel leaders. in two days time... or be history! Central believes that whether New York complies or not, it will be used as an example... Our chance to keep them from slagging another city is to drop you into the data bank. Once you're inside, use your DataLink to download new coordinates for the Chairman's demonstration. Reaves will arrange your extraction. Good luck.


  • Locate OPC computer and upload new targeting coordinates.


Now interfacing with remote service droid... Unit MXZ2391

Now -ONLINE-. The [[OWP Research Facility]]

To: All Employees From: OWP Security The OWP Research Facility is under a maximum security threat from rebel forces. Take note, the newest security code is 503. This message will be deleted in 24 hours <. End of Message <


Tory Reaves
You're hard to find. Even without a teleport screen, you wouldn't believe how distorted your signal is. I've got a new hazing filter, which should keep sniffers off my tail. I`m applying juice to the jump pad... on level three now! So move it. It won't hold up for long. Wizard, out.