Jo Anne Vargas
I'm glad you made it back, Captain. While you were on your last mission, the Colonel decided that he would fill in [to relieve Cardova]. Sergeant Brooks made it back, but we never got an extraction transmission from the Colonel. Reaves maintains a monitor for his bio-signal, but we have to assume that he is an MIA. I contacted Central, and I am in command. We will soon find out what happened.

WEC NewsEdit

Trina Jenkins
In an unprecedented move, today heavily-armed rebel factions wrested Kiev from Consortium forces after a bloody, Six-hour battle. The Senate responded by immediately drafting a proposal to increase military spending in order to be able to adequately deal with the Resistance threat. Back to Josh.


Shannon Brooks
Why are you here ? To gloat? There wasn't anything I could have done to save the Colonel. One second everything is clear. Then it isn't. Shots are whistling by so fast. Dammit, they had to have been waiting for us!


Central has another mission for us, Captain. An informer has confirmed the location of a new weapon Draygan plans to use in his Zero Tolerance program. No identification of the weapon, just its location. Cardova will do Insertion Reconnaissance for you, and Reaves will teleport you in. You are to locate any information you can. You are authorized to destruct any prototypes. Once you have the data, Reaves will arrange the rest. If you need to know anything else, check your DataLink.


  • Locate plans for new experimental weapon in Dr. Hoffman's lab.


  • Hatching Chamber
  • Cloning Studio #1A (742)
  • Incubation Room #1A
  • Incubation Room #2A
  • Incubation Room #3A (North: 637; East: 405)
  • Incubation Room #4A
  • BioWaste Reclamation Center


Gregor Hoffman
So, the prodigal son returns home, is that it? Look around you Silencer. The makings of an entire Consortium army... all without your fatal flaw. And this is only part of what you can look forward to. But it's not too late to return to the fold, you know. I'm certain that Chairman Draygan will approve your early retirement. The Consortium never forgets those who serve them.
How the world will mourn the death... of Dr. Gregor Hoffman!
Troy Reaves
Locked onto you, Tin Man, five by five. Received your data files and sent them to Central. I have accessed the jump pad on... level three. It's all juiced and ready to go whenever you are. Maxis sends: Destruction of all prototypes imperative. Wizard, out.