The Comprehensive Recreational Facility (CRF) is a future installation in Darkside Station.

Funding and authorizations begun since 2192. It was only in 2196 when the Recreation Committee delivered the final specifications, derived from Lunar workers’ suggestions, to Architectural Cartel. The stalling was criticized, but according to Committee president Marko Viticek, this was an example of how seriously the WEC takes this project for a facility that meets all the recreational needs of this colony for generations to come, and not just a hack job.

The facility will provide:

  • A 9-hectare simulated beach
  • 4 iffie auditoriums
  • Child-safe low-g playground
  • 10 magnetized handball courts
  • 200-pod VR center
  • Food court and barter market
  • Recital halls
  • Meeting rooms
  • Video lounges

According to Viticek, the finished blueprints are expected in six months from now, followed by a couple of months for the approval and modification process, with construction beginning ASAP, in a cavern that will be blasted out near the current administrative complex, and will be finished before 2200.