Caitlyn Odanga
Birth 2169
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Caitlyn Odanga is the most popular female singer of the last decade. She married Max Shee, the star of romantic iffies. Their wedding and honeymoon special was a 72-hour live event, and the most-watched non-mandatory news event ever, with more than 11 billion viewers.

After 15 months of marriage, “the Cinderella couple of the 22nd Century” were separating. Their divorce was approved by the Entertainment Cartel. According to Odanga, Shee is the one true love of her life, but it was not yet time to tie herself down to one man.

Odanga was seen with dashing SRA Pilot Lyle Gershwin, who, according to her, he is a dear friend and a great help getting her head straight over the last few months. She takes a two month retreat at the Himalayan Executive Leisure Center to sort out her feelings and find her spiritual center.

Gershwin will join her once she gets settled, after a week or two.[1]


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