Nickname Rico
Type Projectile
Physical/technical characteristics
Weight 3.25k[1]
Range 1,200m[1]
Rate of fire 6/second[1]
Other information

AR-7 is a hand-held rocket launcher, which is also the only man-portable WEC rocket launcher. They can penetrate any shield type and deliver a great amount of damage.[2] It is used by Elite Storm Troopers.[3]

A standard rocket is a sel-propelled projectile approximately 1.5 cm in diameter and 5 cm long, and a standard magazine holds 8 rounds. Upon impact, the shell shatters into several bursts upon contact and delivers 200 points of damage.[2]

The latest-model launcher has a built-in timer chip that programs a rocket with an electronic timer/range fuse that detonates at a pre-set range. R & D expects to develop an operational prototype guidance chip by 2197.[2]

Users must obtain a specific endorsement on their weapon permit to use an AR-7.[2]


In the manual this weapon is named SW-404 and is given a different backstory.


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