Nickname Solartron
Type Anti-Personnel Platform
Physical/technical characteristics
Hit Points 450 - 600[1]
Weapon UV-9 laser[1], .30 caliber defensive weapon[2]
Secondary Weapon GL-303 grenade launcher[1]
Skill Very Deadly[1]
Other information
Appearances 10 - 15[1]
The APP-5200 aka Solartron is a type of servomech, the heaviest employed by the WEC.

The Solartron has almost twice the armour protection of the Vetron. The primary weapon loadout is an integrated dual UV-9 Pulsar microwave projector. Some Solartrons are armed with dual GL-303 grenade launchers instead. In either case, they form a serious threat to any opposing force with their formidable firepower and heavy armour.


  • Early experimental names for the Solartron were Velveetatron and Cheditron.
  • The Solartron is encountered in both No Remorse and No Regret.


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