Nickname Vetron
Type Anti-Personnel Platform
Physical/technical characteristics
Armor fire-resistant polyalloy titanium armor
Hit Points 425 - 625[1]
Speed 45 kph
Weapon GL-303 grenade launcher[1]
Secondary Weapon PA-31 laser,[1] 2 60 -mm pulse cannons[2]
Skill Deadly[1]
Other information
Appearances Crusader: No RemorseMission 7 - Crusader: No RemorseMission 15[1]

The AP-4400 aka Vetron is a mobile anti-personnel weapons platform servomech developed by the Security Cartel and Cybernetics Cartel.

It is the more advanced successor to the AP-4210, larger, better armored, faster, and able to mount more advanced and sophisticated weapons. Furthermore, it has more complex and flexible programming capabilities. Common weapon loadouts are dual PA-31 laser cannons or dual GL-303 grenade launchers. This makes the Vetron a suitable mech against armour and infantry.

It is planned to completely replace the AP-4210 within the next 5 years.


  • In one point, the No Remorse Hintbook p.32 mentions Vetron to be an MS series, designated MS-1000. However the next paragraph mentions the AP-4400
  • According to the manual, the Vetron is armed with dual pulse cannons. The hintbook describes the Vetron as being armed with dual PA-31 lasers which is the most common loadout for the Vetron in the game Crusader No Remorse. Some Vetrons can be armed with dual grenade launchers, especially on higher difficulties and in No Regret.
  • The strategy guides and manuals of both games give this Servomech a different designation. In Crusader: No Remorse the Thermatron is described in the WEC manual as the AP-4210 which has been succeeded by the AP-4400 Vetron. However, in the strategy guide for No Regret the Thermatron is designated the APP-4400 (also note the extra P) while the Vetron is described as the APP-4210. Also the Vetron is described as one of the oldest servomechs in production whereas the Thermatron replaces the older APP-4100.


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